• Muslin 'Swaddle & Burp' Blanket - Riddles (x3)

Muslin 'Swaddle & Burp' Blanket - Riddles (x3)

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Lassig muslin swaddle and burp blankets are unlike ordinary blankets. They\'re made from soft, uniquely woven cotton material. This special breathable material used gives them the ability to become softer with each wash. Seriously!

Parents will love their versatility, and find that their uses are endless: from swaddling and naptime, to play time and feedings, Lassig muslin blankets will quickly become an irreplaceable essential.

Sold in Lassig\'s beautiful \"Swaddle & Burp\" box as a set of 3 and available in a variety of different patterns.

Size 85 x 85cm

100% Cotton muslin

Contains 3 x 85cm sq muslins

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