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Lela \'Swaddle & Burp\' Blanket x3 - Blue
Lassig muslin swaddle and burp blankets featuring Lassig\'s signature \"Lela\" Deer will quickly be..
£16.95 Ex Tax: £16.95
Lela \'Swaddle & Burp\' Blanket - Light Pink (XL)
Lassig muslin Swaddle and Burp blankets featuring Lassig\'s friendly \"Lela\" Deer will quickly bec..
£16.95 Ex Tax: £16.95
Lela Swaddle & Burp Blanket L light pink
Lela Swaddle & Burp Blanket L light pinkThe multipurpose 85 x 85 cm cloth by LÄSSIG is made of p..
£16.95 Ex Tax: £16.95
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  2. Suitable from birth, 100% & available in a variety of sweet colours. The new Knitted Baby Blanket from... http://fb.me/7SdVrnvbo