Babycook® Original Plus grey/blue UK

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Babycook® Original Plus grey/blue UK

By steam cooking, Babycook® retains all the food's flavours and vitamins. You can add some of the cooking water (rich in vitamins and minerals) to adapt the preparation's texture to baby's taste. The Babycook Original Plus now includes a steriliser and bottle warmer.

5-in-1 food processor & steriliser: Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats food. Also sterilises and heats baby's bottle.

Quickly steams cook in 15 minutes: Preserving flavours and vitamins.

Capacity 750ml jug

• Removable steaming basket: Possibility of collecting cooking juices rich in vitamins and minerals to modulate the texture of the preparation.
• Graduated measuring bowl: Easy to measure quantity of water to pour into tank.
• Automatically switches off with light and sound signal when steaming is finished: No monitoring required.
• Removable lid: Easy to clean.
• Single control button (cooking – mixing): An ultra-compact solution.
• Security lock of bowl: Click sound ensures secure locking.
• Cycle meter with descaling indicator: Warning light.
• Spatula: Practical to remove the steam basket, stir and empty food into the bowl without being burnt.
• Removable blending/smoothie filter lid: Easy to clean.

Accessories: Supplied with blending/smoothie filtre lid, spatula and recipes booklet.Care: Cover, basket, lid, knife: Wash by hand or dishwasher.Body of device: Clean with soft damp cloth. Do not immerse.

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