Gaia Baby Dresser Changing Pad

  • £29.99

  • Ex Tax: £24.99

The Gaia Baby Dresser Changing Pad is designed specifically for use in the Gaia Baby Dresser/Changer (sold separately).

This pad is made of premium quality nursery grade foam ensuring optimum comfort and a perfect fit.

  • Made from premium quality nursery grade foam.
  • Easy to wipe clean waterproof layer and quick drying cover.
  • Removable cover machine washable at 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Anti-allergy cover with Actipro natural treatment- a 100% natural and very effective solution for combatting allergens, e.g. house dust mite. 
  • Also eliminates undesirable odours and enhances a healthy sleep environment.
  • Designed to fit Changing top of the Gaia Baby Dresser.

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