Vintage Little One & Me Backpack Big Blue

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Vintage Little One & Me Backpack Big Blue

Matching look for parents and children. These sporty canvas backpacks with high-quality appliques made of imitation leather are available for parents, as well as in a miniature version for children. The Diaper Backpack comes, like all diaper bags, with a full range of accessories, including a water-repellent changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, a pocket for utensils, a compartment for baby food jars, a compartment for baby wipes and a water-repellent wet pocket. The small backpack provides room for the lunch box in the large main compartment and is equipped with side pockets for a water bottle or sunscreen. Inside there is a pocket for utensils and a snap hook to attach a good luck charm. As for all children's bags, the backpack also has a name badge on the back.

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  1. te things! Happy Thursday, everybody! 

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